January 16th, 2013 | Posted by Jason Imms in Opinion

The following began life as a Facebook comment, which then somehow turned into a manifesto. So I guess it belongs here too?

While shuffling rooms around at home, I had to PICK UP and move FOUR boxes of audio cassettes to a place that WAS NOT the GARBAGE BIN.

Y’know how it sucks when you’re moving house, and you’re packing up bookshelves and thinking “Ugh, the last time I even touched these books was when I was unpacking them after moving in here,”? How much more for cassette tapes, a technology invented to solve a problem that NO LONGER EXISTS, a medium that cannot be played-back by any device in our possession, a lossy simulacrum of music we once enjoyed and yet now scarcely remember.

Dear readers, shed these dusty media tombs. Free yourselves from the entirely self-inflicted burden of nostalgia, and make space in your storage room for some other useless piece of life’s detritus.

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  • Who has imposed this demand to hold on to the cassette tapes?

    • Amy tells me that she would like to use them for craft at some point, so that’s not so bad. Still, there is something demoralising about holding onto these things.

  • With an impending house move ourselves, I’ve been contemplating this issue too. But not with audio tapes… CDs. I have entirely too many CDs, which haven’t been touched in years and years, and just get carted from place to place. This time… they’re going.

    • *pounds chest twice with a closed fist, points and nods appreciatively*

  • *pounds chest twice with a closed fist, points and nods appreciatively at Japh*